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2020 Ambassador Application now live! Scroll to the bottom of this page to apply to be part of the Soel Squad or Soel Girl team.
Soel Ambassador Program

Come join our Soel Fam! We are gearing up to add a few incredibly talented girls to our teams! While many of our current team members will be continuing on the Soel Squad or as a Soel Girl, we will have several spots open and are always looking for fresh talent and ladies who love our brand with a commitment to be dedicated and a desire to have so much fun! If you are interested, then do these 3 things:

1 - Fill out the application on our website. (see below)
2 - Tag us on Instagram (@soeldancewear) in your best photo AND a video of you expressing your talent (i.e. dance, tumbling, gymnastics, etc). Use the hashtag #soelteam2020
3 - Help us spread the word by tagging girls who you feel would be the perfect fit for Soel.

What's the difference between Soel Squad and Soel Girl? So glad you asked! The Soel Squad is the more exclusive of our two teams. The squad commits to repping Soel and only a few other mass brands. With that kind of commitment, they are also offered more benefits! The Soel Girls are able to rep a few more boutique brands in addition to being a Soel Girl. We strive to have girls that are dedicated and committed to not only their dance training, but to the companies they represent and if you are repping too many brands, then credibility is lost on both sides. Both of our teams work closely together and both are able to have some pretty awesome experiences and rewards! Here are just some of benefits of being part of Soel:

-Exclusive swag
-Monthly credit and major discounts
-Team building opportunities - virtual and in person
-Photo and video shoot opportunities
-Design feedback
-Sales commissions
-Friends for life!

The search will be open through July 28th with the new teams being announced Aug. 1st! The new teams will rep Soel through the end of January 2021.

As with any commitment, the smarter you work, the more you get out of it.  We love our ambassadors and want the world for all of them. We are working hard behind-the-scenes to create a win-win atmosphere of opportunity, love and support. We have been told time and time again from our current and previous ambassadors that Soel does more for their team than any other brand! Words we love to hear!
A little message from Jayme & Mel:
At SOEL, we strive to spread positivity, confidence and inclusion. We hope to inspire every dancer to feel strong and confident both on and off the dance floor. We want dancers to not only get noticed for their talent, but also for their positive presence and self-confidence.

The search for the Soel Squad and Soel Girls is no different. We're building our team with positive, strong, diverse and inclusive young ladies that excel not only through their dance talent, but through their social involvement, work ethic, dedication and support of the dance community.

We have been so fortunate to have the MOST INCREDIBLE girls and their Mothers supporting our brand. THANK YOU just doesn't seem enough.

If you have any questions, please email us at 

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