Soel Squad Member, Brelynn Buck, Shares her Flexibility Tips!

Soel Squad Member, Brelynn Buck, Shares her Flexibility Tips!

November 01, 2019

Brelynn Buck, Soel Squad

Get to know this special dancer, Brelynn, who is an integral part of our Soel Squad! One of the hardest workers we know and wow...such a talented dancer!  Be sure to read to the end of her post to learn how to get 15% off your entire order!!


Hi.  I'm Brelynn Buck and I'm 12 years old. I live in Utah and dance at Infinity Dance Utah.  I've danced and tumbled since I was 2 years old. I have 2 older siblings, a pet snake,  and a beta fish. Dance is pretty much my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. When I'm not dancing, I'm hanging out with my dance friends choreographing dances or watching our favorite dance inspirations on World of Dance or YouTube.  

Today I want to talk to you about tips for gaining more flexibility.  

Brelynn Buck, Soel Squad, Flexibility Tips

This topic is near and dear to me since it's a daily struggle. I was born with some flexibility,  but I'm by no means a natural. Especially since I just had a huge growth spurt over the last year ( I grew about 6 inches). I lost a lot of flexibility. Especially in my back. I thought sharing my experience may help some of you.  

Here are some of my tips for starting out:

1.  Find a stretching partner that will keep you motivated.

2.  Stretch with a partner as often as you can.  Your partner can help push you farther in most stretches. 

3.  Stretching should not be comfortable.  If it doesn't hurt, you're not stretching.  

4.  Take progress pictures.  You may think you haven't made progress, but pictures don't lie.  Seeing progress is motivating.  

5.   Be consistent.  Stretching one day a week is not going to help.  You have to stretch at least 3-4 days a week to improve.  

6.  Be patient.  Seeing improvements takes time.  This progress picture below is in a 7 week period.  I had a private teacher McKenna Lynch stretch me once a week for 30 minutes,  and I stretched myself the other days.   

7.  Don't give up!!! 

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You can follow me on Instagram  to learn more about me and watch my journey as a dancer.


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