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Squad Member - Alexa Estep - Practice Makes Perfect!

Squad Member - Alexa Estep - Practice Makes Perfect!

February 22, 2020

Hi, my name is Alexa Jean Estep, I'm 14 years old and I'm a Soel Squad Member.  I started dancing at the age of  5 years and fell in love with it ever since.  I learned what you think might be good could always be cleaner and sharper.  In Competition dancing, you practice every week to make your groups and solos better.  Like they say, practice makes perfect.

I like to stay well rounded with all styles of dance, but my two favorites are Contemporary and lyrical.  Having all the styles of dance helps when you go to dance auditions.
When I first started dancing, I would get frustrated with myself because I thought if I couldn't get or do something in the first few tries, I would never be as good as girls that I compete against at Dance Competition.  It took me a few more years to realize that everyone 
is different and it sometimes takes others a little more practice.
I had the mindset of getting better.  I started noticing, each year I kept improving.  The last two years of dance, I have excelled, thanks to the teachers at Avi's Dance Project in Corona, California.  Two of the main teachers, Miss Aviana Sanchez and Miss Adeline Nelson have always encouraged, supported and believed that I was capable of so much more.  I have become such a better and stronger dancer and last season I surpassed all my goals I set!

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