Squad Member - Berkley Houchin aka @dance_like_a_beastie

Squad Member - Berkley Houchin aka @dance_like_a_beastie

September 22, 2020

Berkley Houchin


Thank you for visiting my blog.  
I first want to give a BIG virtual SQUEEZE to my Soel family, and this opportunity to represent such a perfect brand.  

 I am Berkley Houchin aka @dance_like_a_beastie.  My studio owner gave me this name when I was 7 years old, and it stuck . I LAUGH a lot, travel every chance I get, and dance on all occasions.  Blended pink drinks, life savor wint-o-green mints, and oreo double stuffed cookies are a few of my "must have to live" items.  I live in Texas, and yes, before you ask...I do have horses!   I am 13 years old and have three brothers.

I have been allowed to pursue whatever dreams I could possible dream, and my parents only request is that I pursue them 100 percent and full out. Working hard, staying focused,  and having a never give up attitude has allowed amazing things happen.  Thanks to my dad for instilling a down to earth work ethic, and thanks Mother always giving me the drive to persevere.  

I dance at a competition studio, with a ballet track in my home town, and travel to Dallas often for extra training in ballet and acro.  You can NEVER have enough ballet training! I am so blessed to have started my training from two professional teachers in our tiny town, they laid the foundation for all my technique and my love for ballet. I started with my studio at age 7, and my studio owner has been my inspiration and role model for all these years.  She challenges me to take risks and be confident in my abilities.  

   I also attend conventions as much as possible. My heart races at conventions, learning from different choreographers, and dancing with dancers from all over the nation is so exciting to me, it truly fuels my passion
  I have traveled with and assisted for Revel Dance Convention as a Pro Reveler, Encore Performing Arts as a Protege, and an Intrigue Apprentice and am currently on The Artist Simply Human (ASH) company.  These experiences are so humbling and continue to drive me to be a better dancer.

My modeling career is taking off with appearances in the  Weissman costume catalog, Dancewear Solutions mailers, Dream Duffel, Miss Behave Girls, billboards, commercials, social media,  and a voice over for a children's book.    All these opportunities keep me busy, but also provide so many sweet relationships with people from all over.

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